The US Westward Expansion EXHIBITION by the TSA

The terminale SA present the US Westward Expansion EXHIBITION
Come, visit & learn about the Wild Wild West within the framework of history !
Starting tomorrow (Monday March 18), the exhibition runs through the end of the month and is located in the school library.
Be there or be square !
La classe de terminales SA vous invitent à une exposition sur la conquête de l’Ouest aux Etats Unis.
Plongez au cœur de l’expansion territoriale américaine dans une perspective historique.
Rendez-vous au CDI à partir de demain lundi 18 mars et jusqu’à la fin du mois.




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  1. Reply Tarik Mar 20,2013 19:16

    I am proud of our work and I hope there will be a lot of visitors from each class!

  2. Reply Sophie Jayne Mar 25,2013 15:25

    Great ! The school library is proud of this exhibition ! If someone wants to do another one contact me.

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