Présentation d’un projet de mobilisation des ressources hydriques à travers le brouillard

Par : PETITJEAN Bénédicte - Publié le 16/11/2022
Mercredi 9 novembre, le Dr BARGACH est intervenue en classe de spécialité LLCE anglais monde contemporain pour présenter en anglais les projets de conservation de l’eau et d’appui aux communautés locales qu’elle a implémentés dans la région de Sidi Ifni. Cette présentation rentrait dans le cadre du programme de LLCE sous la thématique de la…

Cette présentation rentrait dans le cadre du programme de LLCE sous la thématique de la protection de la nature et a permis aux élèves de découvrir plusieurs initiatives durables et éthiques.


Voici ce qui a marqué les élèves :

This conference by Dr BARGACH was incredible because we also learned how an idea can become a successful project through motivation and perseverance and how it helps people living in better conditions. 

If I can give my honest opinion, I find this project revolutionary because they use something natural - and that we can all find in our daily environment - to make it helpful for others so that they can benefit from it. I am so happy that we had the opportunity to meet Mrs Bargach, we learned a lot from her story and what she told us. 

After her presentation, we asked her many questions as we were curious to know more about this wonderful project that shows there is still hope in humanity and above all ; we can ALL try to help others when we have the opportunity to do so !  In SouthWest Morocco, local resources are being compromised due to continuing climate change. It has huge effects and causes desertification, droughts and flash floods. 

The incredible Boutmezguida fog harvesting project had many positive impacts such as : animals that are no longer dying due to dehydration, the communities who are thriving and families who are less likely to be separated since this has decreased the rate of migration to other areas (rural exodus). 

Sophia Guermane

The stenocara beetle satisfy their water needs with the drops of the mist on its back. Cette information m'a marqué et j'ai aimé la manière dont elle nous l’a racontée.

Daniel Saskhuan

Pour en savoir plus et découvrir les réactions des élèves, consultez ce document.

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