Création poétique Valentine’s day

Le jour de la Saint Valentin, des classes de 4èmes et terminales se sont rendues au CDI pour découvrir les livres proposés en anglais. Par la suite, ils ont réalisé des poèmes en anglais sur le thème de l’amour. Ci-après le magnifique poème écrit par Mouncef Slimani de Terminale ES.

Absorbed and subdued by lust
For you, I found a new meaning to trust
Bewitched and ensorcelled by your tenderness
For you, my heart brew much fondness
Your feelings and your love, oxygen from a tree
From the shackles of family, I wanted you free
To reach and finally join you, I found no tool
To plunge in your heart, a love swimming pool
To have lost you in times of dread
I needed you, like a loaf of God’s bread
But for me, you plunged in the depths of hatred
Ephemeral, you found me and on my feelings, you were not keen
My actions, a tale of woes and to gain you back, I dreamt as if I had a time machine
My spirit, you damned to stay encaged in failure and despair
Facing you put my mind and spirit on an electrifying chair
And to regain you, would only happen as if I were a superhero

Hélène Tassain

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