« Oscars » for the best videos – 1ere English Classes

What a better way to start LFA’s language week than announcing the best videos done by the 1ere classes this year. The students learned about different subjects, incorporated vocabulary, organized their ideas, used their technical skills and showed us their creativity.

In January, the students studied the notion of power and how the different media outlets can have power over us.  The students created a « How to » video on « How to spot fake news » with the objective of teaching others how not to be fooled by news that isn’t true.  The video is accompanied by a quiz.  This week,  students will be sharing their videos with other classes to teach them how to make better choices on the internet. https://padlet.com/atraumatlfa/fdnca55edwh8

The best scenario/editing:

1SA – Chiraz, Lina and Rhita

The wittiest:


1SB Imane and Rania

The most musical:


1SA Rhita and Nada

The most creative:


1SA – Ihssane and Selma

The most complete videos:

1ES – Maria and Nordine

1SB – James, Soukaina and Rim

Notion of progress – Food and the world today https://padlet.com/atraumatlfa/8pcmne3ef78m

In September the students studied the notion of progress regarding food in the world and how progress in the food industry affects our society today.

For the final task, the students were asked to visit an organic farm, compare and contrast healthy vs. unhealthy food habits (fast food, processed food etc….).

The funniest video:

1SA Rhita, Salma and  Chiraz

The most creative:


1SB – Rania and Imane

The best news report:

The best vlogs for youtube:

1ES – Fanny, Maria and Adam




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