Club MUN – Jour 4 – Conférence FERMUN – Débats

Day 4

We arrived at the WIPO buidings at 8:15 a.m. to start our day.

The first thing on the agenda was a mini-conference with experts regarding the issues that our committees are debating and finding resolutions for.  For example in ECOSOC there was an expert on gender equality.  We learned a lot about domestic violence and bullying and how different organizations here at the United Nations are working towards gender equality in the workplace and in schools.

She referred us to this website to learn more:

After the experts’ presentations each committee got to work on their resolutions and put their hearts into their roles.  It was a fruitful day and a great learning experience for everyone.

Today, I had to play my role which is being an interpreter: translating all the speeches and every sentence made by the delegates and chair from French to English. Usually, when we try to explain our work to delegates, their reactions are interesting: « how is that possible? » « Talking and listening at the same time? » It is true that it was difficult, but all the interpreters could tell you that it is as rewarding at the end when delegates come up to you and thank you because you managed to make them understand the debate, talk with people they couldn’t communicate with and make their speeches clear for the majority of the delegates.

At the end of the day, my experience was very enjoyable in the way that it made me practice my new English vocabulary and it was emotionally satisfying.

Written by Nadia Sahib


After a good breakfast we took the bus and we went to WIPO for the second exciting day.

We went to our respective committees and started to work. Delegates, interpreters and other translators put their hearts into their roles. At 5pm we ended the debates and we left the committees.

Written by Nathalie Sicart


Jour 4

Tous les délégués sont arrivés à WIPO à 8: 15, avant de se séparer vers leurs différents comités.

Chacun de ces derniers a invité des experts dans le sujet étudié, dans mon cas une experte dans le domaine des lanceurs d’alerte.


Les questions-réponses m’ont appris beaucoup et l’expérience était sans aucun doute enrichissante.

Nous avons repris des débats en assembler de 9h45 jusqu’à la fin de l’après-midi.


Ecrit par Safa Khechab

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