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Par : Allison Traumat - Publié le 14/12/2015
Halloween Stories Les élèves de 3eme A et B ont écrit Des histoires autour de Halloween.  Ils ont appris comment écrire des recits et la methode pour écrire des dialogues en anglais. Leurs travail est particulierement réussit pour le niveau B1. Vous pourrez les lire sur le Blog de Madame TRAUMAT: 3eme Student Work…


Halloween Stories

Les élèves de 3eme A et B ont écrit Des histoires autour de Halloween.  Ils ont appris comment écrire des recits et la methode pour écrire des dialogues en anglais. Leurs travail est particulierement réussit pour le niveau B1. Vous pourrez les lire sur le Blog de Madame TRAUMAT:

3eme Student Work 2015 – 2016

Halloween Stories – Octobre 2015

Mrs. Traumat’s classes

Congratulations on your great work!!!!!!!!!


Fighting for survival

Written by Zahra Abouelfadel – Class 3-B

   I was walking alone. I ran out from the walkers. This road was deserted and dark. My arm was bleeding and I hadn’t eaten for two days. I was searching for him. The last time I saw him, he escaped from the prison. We were together since last week, but a few days ago we lost each other in the dark. While I was thinking about what I would do if I would never see him again, I stopped walking. I heard a noise, something was moving behind the bushes. Suddenly, he came out from nowhere and I saw him. « Oh my God ! You scared me ! » I shouted angrily. « Don’t worry ! It’s only me. » John replied with a laugh. « I’ve been searching for you, how did you find out I was here ? » I frowned. He took my backpack and walked in front of me. « I knew it, don’t stay here, they are coming » he mentioned quietly. I  nodded and followed him until the road was completely dark. Every step we took was a second of life gone. « Have you killed one yet ? » he asked me with a blank face. «Huh.. no » I objected with a wince. « There is blood on your arm » John declared with a worried voice. « It’s nothing, I’ll get over it » I replied gratefully. « Let me see » he insisted kindly. I let him take a look. While he was looking at my arm, a walker surprised us. His face was covered in blood and his clothes were ripped. His skin was as pale as a dead body ; well it was a dead body. I saw him but it was too late. The walker jumped on John and grabbed him while he was making loud and scary noises. In a wink, I took the knife on the ground and I stabbed the monster in the head. He fell on John, my friend pushed the dead body off of him. It was laying down, dead. « Are you okay ? » I asked with a breathless voice. « Yeah… I guess so » he whispered not sure of himself. « Come on, take my hand. We should find somewhere to sleep before the sunrises» I said with hope. I took his hand while a bunch of walkers came out. We were surrounded. « Hurry up ! They are too many and we have no bullets left » he shouted at me while he was taking our stuff. We ran away. As far as we could. We left the road and ran through the forest. We didn’t know where we were going but it didn’t matter. We finally stopped. We found an isolated place to camp. « Here, we should stay here, we might be safe » I declared. « Hopefully we won’t die the first day » I blinked at him with a grin. He raised his eyebrows and smiled. We didn’t know if we were safe here. But we knew that we were alive. We didn’t have enough bullets or food. But, we survived. We fell asleep on top of the leaves. « Good night » he said with a tired voice. We didn’t know what we would do the next morning. But at least we were together and alive .  

 Scary Story

Written by  Monia Bourquia – 3B

   I was on my way home and while I was walking, a car stopped next to me. I thought that he wanted some help but it was getting late so I didn’t pay attention and continued walking. When I passed in front of him, he called me.

«Hey! Do you want me to take you home?» He announced with the most beautiful smile I had  ever seen.

«No, thank you. My house is only a few meters away.» I answered smiling and waving goodbye.

«You know, I just want to help you. Come on, get in the car» He murmured quietly while opening the door for me.

   To be honest, I was a little bit scared because it’s the first time that I had a conversation with someone I had never seen before but he just wanted to help me so I entered in the car and showed him where I lived. Suddenly, when I saw the road that he took, I started panicking.

«Where are you going? It’s not the right way…»

«Stop shouting, I’m just taking an easy way to get home, don’t worry, trust me.» He interrupted me quietly.

It was weird because he was too quiet so to pass time, I engaged a little conversation.

«OK, um,… What’s your name?» I asked, gaping at him.

«My name is Hardin Scott.» He replied bitterly. «What’s yours? Oh, and stop gaping at me, it’s stressful!»

«I’m Tessa Young. And I was wondering how old you were…»

«21» He interrupted me again. It was kind of annoying. I sighed.

   Out of the blue, he stopped near a little house. I had no idea where we were so I started shaking then he slapped me and I fainted.

   After what it seems 2 hours, I woke up in a small room filled with axes and saws. You can’t describe the fear that I felt.

«Good morning sweetie, how are you? Are you fine?» Hardin murmured with his scary smile again.

   His eyes were intimidating, they were full of hatred. Those beautiful green eyes became darker than ever and while approaching me, his left hand was behind him and  I suddenly saw an axe…

To be continued..


 I Told You to Go Away

Written by Sara Hassani   Class 3A

          It was already sunset. Rick put on his sweatpants and went out for a jog for a little while, as he always did around this time. He was used to going around the neighborhood to say hi to the kids who always went out after school and the parents who watched after them. Everybody knew everybody. It was a small town spirit.

             That’s how things would go, everyday. But this time, Rick thought it would be fun to go around other neighborhoods nearby and make some new friends, which he did. As he was jogging, he passed by a small house. It caught his attention so he stopped for a while. The house looked abandoned. The grass weren’t cut for a long time. Dust and filth was covering the front gate. Rick was able to hear voices whispering and mumbling in his head. Some whispers were telling him to get in and invited him to make a step forward. But others sounded like cries for help and warnings, telling him to go, run away, and never come back again. Rick was very scared, he wanted to fly out of there and never think about it again. But he couldn’t move his feet. It felt like they weren’t his as they dragged him, step by step, til he reached the front door. The wind was blowing; stronger and stronger with every move Rick made. The mumbles and whispers were louder and louder. Rick felt like he was going insane. “Go away! Don’t get in! Please, we don’t want you to end up where we are.” whispered a shaken voice.Who are you? What is going on with me? Let me go!” Rick screamed in fear.No, no, don’t! Let him go, please.” responded another voice crying.Why can’t I control my legs! Let me go.” Rick shouted, on the verge of tears. The voices faded away as the front door opened. A sticky substance was dripping out of the walls, red as blood. Nothing could ever erase the memory of what Rick saw. It felt like a murder scene, a mass suicide. Corpses were hanging from the ceiling, skeletons were laying on the dusty floor. Spiderwebs were in every corner of the room. Cockroaches, rats, every disgusting creature you could ever think of. The abandoned room was decorated with bloody furniture, bloody walls, bloody curtains… Everything was covered in the disgusting color of coagulated blood. Rick tried to run away screaming. But the terror and the fear he  felt was too much to bear that he couldn’t move. So he was left there with nowhere else to go. The morning after, things took their regular course but Rick was nowhere to be found. The only trace left of the incident is that on his house’s front door was graved :  I told you to go away.

My Horror Story

Written by Kenza Chemiaâ

   This is the story of a young girl who just arrived in a new town. Her family rented an old house. When the night finally arrived, the paranormal activities started.

   At midnight, Camellia felt strange sensations, like someone or something was following her from behind, and when she turned back, she found nothing. In the kitchen, we could hear knives falling down, but there was a little problem… There was no one there the entire family were in their room.

I’m off! I’m tired of all those sounds!” she shouted, “It can’t be ghosts!”

   She couldn’t sleep anymore, so she tried to read books or play video games, but those sounds wouldn’t stop at all. Camellia went downstairs to see what was happening… And then… She found blood on the floor!

Oh my God! What happened?! Dad! Mom! Blake! Where are you?!” she said

   She was running everywhere to find them in their rooms and when she entered the kitchen, she found the bodies of her family. Without their heads, their hands and their feet. She was terrified.

I-It’s impossible… We just arrived today in this town… How could someone hate us? Why us? Why me?” she asked herself

Then a ghost of a farmer with an axe appeared. There was blood on his axe and he was also holding heads of Camellia’s family.

I’ll eat… You-your soul… Toooo….” Announced the farmer

   He approached her slowly. Camellia couldn’t breath and fell to the ground. He killed her like he did for her family.

   This is an urban story, everybody who tried to live in that scary house will be cut in pieces by the guardian. Every family since 1584 was cut in pieces by him.

If you’re brave, give it a try or die…

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